Teaching methodology

Qalam Education Centre uses blended and communicative approaches of teaching which helps the teachers to work with the students more collaboratively.

Technology tools are used more frequently in classrooms. The students are given tasks and projects which encourages them to follow communicative and blended methods in their learning.

Teaching style

Teachers bring a lot of energy to class. If they can't get excited about teaching English, why the students should. There are a number of things are accomplished for the students:

  1. A positive atmosphere. There is always learning and laughter in lesson to give positive energy and make the lessons fun.
  2. Empowerment. We believe anyone can do well in learning the language if they are willing to spend the time in it. Some pick it up quickly, some need to spend more time and work extensively. If any value added here, it is in encouraging all the students to be interested enough in learning.
  3. Motivation. We are personally highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated educators who want all students to be successful learners. Therefore, We have never seen students feeling bored in my classes or had low self-esteem and confidence.
  4. Capability. We are capable and committed to maintaining high standards of education with emphasis on developing communication skills in all students.

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