Qalam's philosophy

Qalam Education Centre accepts the students as exceptional, creative, energetic and passionate learners.

It’s underlying agenda is in treating all students with respect and equality. As they say, “Success breeds success”, so Qalam Education Centre provides the students every opportunity to succeed on their own terms.

Qalam’s aim is to make learning meaningful to the students. This means adapting the curriculum to their current social situations.

It concentrates in group work. It is the prefect arena for fostering life-long skills which are transferable to everyday life.

It focuses on positivity. Attitudes are contagious and a positive attitude is always preferable to a negative attitude.

It prioritizes teaching through games and energizers. Games get students involved, having fun, and learning more then they even realize.


The three main theories are used in teaching at Qalam Education Centre; humanistic, experiential and socio-constructivist. These theories play a vital role in Qalam’s indoor and outdoor classroom arenas as they shape student’s personality, worldviews and teaching styles.

Ron Clark is being accepted as one of the best teacher in the world who practiced humanistic approach and his book “The Essential 55” is the guidance and number one book for the employees who are working at Qalam.

As for experiential and socio-constructivist supporter, Qalam Education Centre created an interactive atmosphere in which learning becomes everyone’s common target and creativity is put among all which fosters development and progress.


The information presents experience, theories, philosophy and methodologies which upkeeps activities at Qalam Education Centre. It also provides practical insights into events which were carried on to motivate and encourage the students to learn English and grasp the opportunity to improve it immensely.

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