Our achievements

English: Clubs offered for 2021

  1. Debating club
  2. Public speaking club
  3. Reading club
  4. Spelling Bee club
  5. Q-development club
  6. Vide-web blogging club
  7. Music club
  8. Art club
  9. Sport club
  10. Movie club
  11. Hand craft

English: Courses offered for 2021

  1. Academic English courses
  2. Non-Academic English courses
  3. Business Communication English skills for banker: Tawhedic bank

Other achievements

  1. Pifagorka centre for the development of intelligence was launched focused on:
    • mental arithmetics
    • arithmetic's
    • mathematics
    The centre was opened recently to encourage the knowledge of arithmetic to the students. It is a huge success for Qalam Education Centre and for Dushanbe as it is the first project contributes to the knowledge.
  2. Pre-School commenced in 2017 and continuing till present to provide and facilitate children with basic knowledge needed to begin the primary school.
  3. Summer camp. The supervised programs were conducted during the summer for ages 4-18. The primary purpose were educational, athletic, cultural excursions, and art that gave psychological impact on the development of child.
  4. Russian language. Qalam Education Centre offered different rane of courses pertaining Russian language:
    • Group courses, with the huge range of courses at different levels;
    • Special courses-one-off weekends, 2 week intensives and summer immersion course.

Hurry up, Mental Arithmetic course just started NEW