Successful projects

  1. TOEFL IBT & IELTS preparation courses
  2. English for Bankers
    OJSC Sohibkorbank staff, Dushanbe
    48 Participants
  3. Summer Camp
    Young Learners
  4. English for Tax Agency staff
    12 Participants

Successful programs and events

Academic year activities – January 2019

  1. Annual Book Auction – January 15
    Mode of Instruction-English Language Aim - abolish bibliophobia-fear of reading books among youth and promoting the culture of reading in English. 17 Participants were chosen among the students to sell their books they have read and would love others to read. 2000 Somoni was put on tray for buying the books. Qalam Education Centre Staff bought the books considering the presentation skills of the students as well as their language abilities.

  2. Open day – January 10
    • organizing and providing thorough information related to all courses offered at Qalam Education Centre
    • introducing Qalam Academic Calendar and new courses offered for 2019
    • encouraging volunteering and promoting the culture of student assisting for 2019
    • initiating & delegating the job description among new teachers for 7 effective clubs:
      1. Debating club
      2. Art & English club
      3. Spelling Bee Club
      4. Music and English club
      5. Essay and Motivational Letter Writing Club
      6. Presentation
      7. Public Speaking and Video blog club
      8. English Poetry and Prose Club

Academic year activities and events – 2018

  1. December-2018 – Charity Program for New Year Eve-to distribute gifts for 70 Orphans in Sakhovat Orphanage House
  2. December-2018 – Q-Talk Series on Topic : Steps towards success”
    Moderator: Alif Sarmoya Co-Founder Abdulla Qurbanov
  3. November-2018 – Art Competition
  4. October-2018 – Poetry Night dedicated to Edgar Alan Poe
  5. September-2018 – Debating Skills Competition
  6. August-2018 – Certificate Giving Ceremony
  7. July-2018 – General Knowledge Competition
  8. June-2018 – Orientation Day
  9. April-2018 – Spelling Bee Competition
  10. May-2018 – Presentation Skills Competition
  11. March-2018 – Video Blog Competition
  12. February-2018 – Annual Book Auction

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